I Love My Roommates/American Horror Story: Asylum

Came home from a long day at #CMJ; went to a party; got sandwiches with my roomie and came home. My tall gay man counterpart was awake and they are introducing me to American Horror Story. I am so scared right now.

Tall Gay: Do you want a pillow to hold onto?
Me: No, I have my sandwich.

That was a real conversation that took place. And now I can’t even eat my sandwich.

The Only Granny That Comes Close to Matching My Gram’s Cuteness

There are a lot of people putting their grandparents on YouTube these days – and trust me,  I totally understand the need to show the world how awesome or cute the elderly people in your life are. Not all grandparents on YouTube – or in life – are created equal though, so many of these videos elicit an, “Aww, that’s nice,” response, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t want to steal anyone else’s grandma – or at least I hadn’t before now.

Meet this 97-year-old grandma who, just like my gram, hasn’t met a piece of chocolate she didn’t like. Regardless of the look on her dog’s unimpressed face, this little lady can get down with the get down! Hell, she keeps dancing even when the music stops. You just can’t tame this dancing beast.

More important than her happy feet, just look at the sweetness in her face. I bet she gives great hugs. I tip my hat to you, some stranger’s cute grandma, way to keep it real for 97-years and counting.

Aunt Carol Is A Delightful Dancer

Have you ever been hungover on a Saturday morning and sometime between your first Thai food delivery of the day, your third episode in an SVU marathon and the time you pour yourself a drink in order to get on with your life, you end up stumbling upon a channel airing a senior chair workout?

You chuckle to yourself until you realize you can’t even move from the couch to peel off the jeggings you wore last night and dry heave when you think about going for a walk to the kitchen to get water. Then you realize these senior workouts are more intense than the squats you do going from your office chair to the bathroom and suddenly you understand the chair-workout hype.

One graduate of the senior chair workout program is Aunt Carol*. Aunt Carol’s dance routine choreographed to Usher’s “Leave The One I’m With” (because A to the C is a ballaaa’) shows how senior chair exercises are the new pilates. I hope they start offering these classes at the JCC sometime soon!

*I haven’t actually confirmed this