Fall MixTapes Week 1: Pick Me Up When I Fall

The fall weather has finally arrived (as of yesterday) and I’m pretty sure it’s perking me up for some reason. I don’t know if it just reminds me of Chicago or if I’m getting excited to see the leaves changing (now that I actually have trees to look at). Or, maybe I’m just really excited to have an excuse to wear my beanie hat so I don’t have to pay attention to what my hair is doing on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter, I’m chipper as fuck. I’ve also got some really great side projects I’m getting excited to work on which will bring me back to the things I’m really passionate about – music being one of them. So if you’re following anything on this blog & you’ve been missing some more frequent updates, you will hopefully be a very happy camper sometime in the near future.

I’ve got a few mixtapes to share with you today because the first one is more on the emo side (don’t worry, I didn’t include Dark Dark Dark’s “How It Went Down” again…though that song is still heart-crushingly perfect). Lately, the songs playing above my head as I walk down the street like my personal anthems have been Sarah Jaffe’s “Defense” and “Satire“. While I love them, I’m hoping to change that up a bit soon.

marshall in his pink chair

And so, this is how it feels when you fall:

The second mix I’ve got for you today is still a little bit of a work in progress since I started it yesterday, but it’s a mood shift and one I am very happy to embrace for as long as possible.

It’s time for dancing. Funk. Twerk. Awkward hipster one-legged knee shake. All of it.

And a couple extra downloads for good measure:

La Luz – Pink Slime (right click “save as”)

La Luz – Big Bad Blood (right click “save as”)

Aunt Carol Is A Delightful Dancer

Have you ever been hungover on a Saturday morning and sometime between your first Thai food delivery of the day, your third episode in an SVU marathon and the time you pour yourself a drink in order to get on with your life, you end up stumbling upon a channel airing a senior chair workout?

You chuckle to yourself until you realize you can’t even move from the couch to peel off the jeggings you wore last night and dry heave when you think about going for a walk to the kitchen to get water. Then you realize these senior workouts are more intense than the squats you do going from your office chair to the bathroom and suddenly you understand the chair-workout hype.

One graduate of the senior chair workout program is Aunt Carol*. Aunt Carol’s dance routine choreographed to Usher’s “Leave The One I’m With” (because A to the C is a ballaaa’) shows how senior chair exercises are the new pilates. I hope they start offering these classes at the JCC sometime soon!

*I haven’t actually confirmed this

Steppin’ It Up Never Looked So Good

Yes I did just find this and yes shit did just get real. It’s like, how do they do it? Are they making these moves up as they go along? Do they know they’re going to use their outfits in their dance moves ahead of time? Will they let me come dance with them even if I only have blue jeans? They’re so fancy!
“Steppin Club 7” Snipit 5 – YouTube.