Marshall Jolie-Pitt is a Star

Did I ever mention that my little dude, Marshall Jolie-Pitt, was semi-randomly cast in a little web series for Bark Box? A girl I’m friendly with from the improv class I took at UCB contacted me to see if he’d like to be one of the canine stars of a little Bark Box web series: Dog People

So I was like, duh, he’s the freaking DUDE and he was pretty much meant to be an Internet sensation.

So, the two of us got into a gigantic black SUV** at 5:30am the next morning and made our way to Williamsburg for the shoot. My little man did great – and I’m very happy to report, what you are about to see, never happens at my house.

**The gigantic SUV was the only car service I could get in my neighborhood at that time of day, but I think it was the perfect way to start Marshall’s first day as a serious actor.

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