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Dance it Out!Some people may ask, “Mia, you don’t look like you run, in fact, you hate running. Why would you record podcasts for something that makes your thighs chafe and cuts into your time to watch The Story of the Half-Ton Man again?” Great question. I’m not really sure what got me started, but I can tell you that as much as I loathe running, the Cool Running Couch to 5k Program turned me into someone who, despite my feelings, found out she can get over herself and actually run! Like, for way longer than I ever would have expected. The only thing that was missing was music that didn’t make me want to punch myself in the throat. I realize that my music taste may still cause others to play Fight Club with themselves – but the podcasts are free so they shouldn’t complain too much.

So, here are the latest ones I’ve recorded (for a full list of podcasts or to subscribe, you can get them all over at iTunes):

C25K – Week 1 (right click, save as)

Music From:

Thao & Mirah – “Eleven”

MNDR – “Cut Me Out”

Maximum Balloon ft. Theophilus London – “Groove Me”

MEN – “Off Our Backs”

Making Friendz – “Situation”

Aranda – “It Ain’t Easy”

Sick of Sarah – “Bittersweet”

C25K – Week 2 (right click, save as)

Music From:

Great Northern – Houses

Givers – Up Up Up

Kid Sister – Get Fresh

Ursula1000 ft. Isabelle Antena – Repetez Le Repetoire

Le Butcheretees – Henry Don’t Got Love

The 2 Bears – Bear Hug

Uffie – Wordy Rappinghood (Tom Tom Cover)

C25K – Week 3 (right click, save as)

Music From:

Noah and the Whale – Life Is Life (Yuksek Remix)


Kerli – Army of Love (Wawa Remix Radio Edit)

No Surrender – Young World

Boots Electric — Boots Electric Theme

Santogold – L.E.S. Artistes

C25K – Week 4 (New Podcast as of 11/21/2011, download below)

Music From:

No Surrender – “Young World”

Grace Jones – “Painted Eyes”

Grace Jones – “William’s Blood” (Aeroplane Remix)

Destructo – “Technology”

Boy – “To The Sea”

TOA – “Magic Fountain” (New Wave Acid Remix)

Katy B – “Lights On” (Gigamesh Remix)

C25K – Week 5 Day 1 (right click, save as)

Music From:

Jacques Renault – Buddy Holly – Slippin’ and Slidin’ (Jacques Renault Remix)

The Hood Internet – Some Creeps (TLC x Holy Ghost x Michael McDonald)

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)

Laura Gibson – La Grande

Santigold – Big Mouth

Scissor Sisters vs Krystal Pepsy – Shady Love (Silkie Remix)


C25K – Week 5 Interval 2 (right click, save as)

Music From:

We’re doing a 5 minute walking warm-up followed by 8 minutes of jogging, 5 minutes of walking, 8 minutes of jogging and then you can slow it down or keep it going with this extended mix.

Gotye – Eyes Wide Open (Alien Delon Remix – William Bowden Master)

Friends – Friend Crush (Jake Bullit Remix)

Work It Out (Disclosure Booty Call Edit) – Q-Tip

We Found House (3LAU Progressive Bootleg)

3 LAU – All Night Long

Jessie J – Domino (Jyvhouse Extended Bass Remix)

Take Me High – (Bart B More Remix Edit)

Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City)

C25K – Week 5 Interval 3 (right click, save as)

Music From:

HAIM – “Forever”

Baron Von Luxxery ft. Little Boots – “That Disco Beat”

Katy Perry – “Part of Me (Justin Sane Remix)”

CSS – “Heart Attack” remix

Daryl Hall & John Oates – “I Can’t Go For That (Kojack Baile Edit)”

Chromeo – “Night By Night (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)”

Felix Project – On The Floor (Artistic Raw Bootleg)

Mattie Safer ft. Ninjasonik – “That Your Girl (Skeet Skeet Remix Mastered)”

C25K – Week 6 Interval 1 (right click, save as)

Music From:

Ted Leo – Me and Mia

Sia – You’ve Changed

New Young Pony Club – Chaos

The Faint – The Geeks were Right

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

Steve Aokie – Goose

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood

Bloc Party – Banquet

Death from Above 1979 – Sexuality

C25K – Week 6 Interval 2 (right click, save as)

Flight Facilities – “Crave Paris”

Kopps – “Bastard Baby”

Moonlight Matters – “Come For Me (Punks Jump Up Freestyle mix)”

Annie Mac’s mashup mix

Carly Rae Jepson Vs. Calvin Harris – “Feel So Maybe (Jump Smokers Bootleg)”

The Black Keys – “Gold On The Ceiling (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)”

Rihanna Vs. Dr. Dre -” The Next Rude Boy”

Hot Chip – “Let Me Be Him”

C25K – Week 6 Interval 3 (right click, save as)

C25K – Week 7 (right click, save as)

Music From:

Raphael Saadiq – Staying In Love

Peaches – Talk to Me

Ladyhawk – My Delirium

Justice – D.A.N.C.E.

Kid Cudi – Day ‘n Nite

Imperial Teen – Ivanka

!!! – Hello is This Thing On

Editors – Papillon

Lawrence Arabia – Apple Pie Bed

C25K – Week 8 (right click, save as)

Music From:

Wet – No Lie (Noah Breakfast Remix Ft. Spank Rock)

Sia – Elastic Heart (Hannah Rad Remix)

The Prodigy vs. Survivor vs. Pitbull vs. Salt-N-Pepa – No Good Cockeyed Tiger (Dj schmolli)

Robyn vs. Whitney Houston – How Will I Dance With You (Ted Keyes mashup)

Estelle – Freak (Stevie Sin’s Mash-Up)

Kelis Acapella (MING Remix) feat Chiddy Bang

Depeche Mode vs. AFI – Miss Murder’s Personal Jesus (dubstep mashup) Celldweller

Michael Jackson Vs. Missy Elliot – Nigga Don’t Stop ‘Till.. (Dylan Vasey & Jarod Ripley)

Bill Withers – Lovely Day (Righteous Trash ‘Leisure Suite’ Disco Edit)

C25K – Week 9 (right click, save as)

I’ll have to go back and check out what music I used because I certainly didn’t write it down before! This is the last week and if you’ve made it this far, you should be incredibly proud of yourself. Go ahead and give yourself a virtual slap on the ass for me, please.

35 thoughts on “Running Podcasts

  1. Hi Mia,
    I wanted to say thanks for the great podcasts. I used to say I would never run unless I was being chased and the c25k plan has helped me change my mind. So as not to be too hypocritical my first 5k will be the Run For Your Lives obstacle course next August which involves Zombies trying to snag your flags. But back to my main point, thanks for the great podcasts your encouragement helps me get through the runs and isn’t schmaltzy and the music motivates me rather than causing me to want to shove a knitting needle in my ear.


  2. Mia!

    I was so thrilled to see that you are posting new podcasts again! I know you are thinking about not having them on itunes, but please keep them there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE running to your podcasts and to be honest I don’t think I would’ve done as well without them. I am just getting back into longer distances and I can’t wait until I’m running outside listening to your podcasts, working toward the 10K (hopefully!). Thank you!


    • Hi!! Sorry it took so long for me to respond! Don’t worry, I’ll always get them up to iTunes – I was just looking for a way to do it through Soundcloud : ) So happy you’re enjoying the podcasts! xo


  3. Mia. I just wanted to thank you. Joined ww and they recommened c25k went to itunes and found you. I am on week 3 and love,love, the music and you cursing at me. My kinda women. It kicks my ass. Please don’t take them away. Love you. Thanks again. Terri


    • Terri I would never think of taking them away from you! I’m not heartless 😉 I’m trying to figure out the best place to host them and make them available for everyone – so until I do, I’ll keep posting them in multiple places to make sure you keep up the great work you’re already doing! I hope you’re seeing a difference already – I’m sure you are. You’ll be going from hot bitch to even hotter bitch in no time flat. If you have any questions or need any extra encouragement, just let me know! xo


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  5. Mia – you’re my favorite running partner. I usually avoid running with others, because they just blather on and irritate the heck out of me. But you have the perfect mix of goofy conversation, fun music, self-deprecation, and self-love! Just finished my first half-marathon, thanks in large part to your great podcast.


    • Holy crap a half marathon?? Congrats Kathy that is INCREDIBLE (and in my mind a little crazy but hey, it’s mostly because I am jealous of your skills). I’m so happy you are able to tolerate my nonsense and even happier that you feel like it’s helped you along the way. I’m sending you big hugs and a slap on the ass! xo


  6. I am doing your program. I wanted to see if you have an app? so that I could do it that way but also one where I can add my music to your talking. I am on week 3. I have been increasing the time I jog so tonight I: walked 90, jogged 2, walked 1, jogged 4 1/2, walked 1 1/2, jogged 2, walked 1, jogged 4 1/2 and walked 4 (this was to get back home lol).Then I jumped on my bike for a 3-4 mile bike ride.

    My other question: what do you do in the winter? I live in Montana. So just curious of ideas vs a gym. I am a Sped Teacher, a mom of a child with a disabilty. I figure I can run the gym after school-boring but doable. Thanks for the music. Kris


  7. Mia, I just did week one and it was great! I’m so glad that there is someone like you out there putting this together. I love the music, love the encouragement, and I’m not going to lie…your voice is a little sexxxxy haha. Really though, thank you. I need this! Christina


    • Lol well thank you! I hope you’re still thinking it’s sexy when you also want to punch me in the face while you’re running! You’ll do great though, for real. Just keep at it and don’t be too hard on yourself if you come across something that seems hard. The main thing is to just keep going!


      • Hahahaha…. Definitely had a punch you in the face moment last week (week 3). But in a good way. . . . In the way I want to punch my best friend in the face when we push each other during our other workouts haha.


  8. So…did you think you would have a 52-year old follower? I found you (somehow!) and LOVE your podcasts. I am on week 2 and quite honestly have never even heard any of the music before OR heard of the artists before. But here’s the kicker–I love all of the music! One of my favorite quotes from you is how you “drink like a champion!” Well, so do I. But, I’m gettin’ my ass in gear and getting healthy. I’m going to be one hot grandma!


    • To be honest, I’m always surprised that I have ANY followers who don’t get annoyed by the sound of my voice, so I will take it and, well, run with it! Keep up the amazing work and if you ever need extra encouragement, you know where to find me! Xo


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  10. Hey Mia, Just got the lastest podcast and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I’ve been missing you for quite sometime now. I was about to use one of the older Couch to 5K when ITunes updated your podcast. I was sooo excited. Just so you know, you were part of my training for a half marathon I did last year. I’m going to run in another one in October and I’m using your podcasts to help me train!! Thanks!!


    • Lara that is so amazing!! Hopefully I can squeeze out a few more podcasts for you before your big race in October 🙂 Keep on kicking ass and taking names! xo – mia


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  16. I just found you on iTunes and I’m excited that someone else has done a music mix for this program (I have been using DJ Beatsmiths for years and I’m over the Techno). I was wondering if you are going to put out week 7 and 8 of your version 4 set of mixes ?!?!?


    • Hey Charlene!! Did I just see you on Twitter too? 🙂 I am working on putting out the rest of the version 4 podcasts, but haven’t had a ton of time to work on them yet….finding the music (the right music that is also available for me to use and not get sued) takes a really long time these days. BUT hopefully you can still use the podcasts for versions 1-3 and be ok for now 🙂


  17. Mia, I feel like I won the lottery finding your podcast. I’m on week 3 and you are just awesome and so motivating. I’ve tried to do couch25k before on my own and I quit halfway through when I couldn’t get the timing down. Running has never come easy for me and I just find you so inspiring. My clothes are already fitting better, I have more energy and I think I’m in a better mood. Maybe I can be a runner. Thank you!!!


    • Laura, thank YOU! And guess what? You already ARE a runner! You’re doing great, I know you’re going to make it to the finish line this time – and if you ever need any extra encouragement or have a question, reach out girl! xo – mia


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