The Only Granny That Comes Close to Matching My Gram’s Cuteness

There are a lot of people putting their grandparents on YouTube these days – and trust me,  I totally understand the need to show the world how awesome or cute the elderly people in your life are. Not all grandparents on YouTube – or in life – are created equal though, so many of these videos elicit an, “Aww, that’s nice,” response, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t want to steal anyone else’s grandma – or at least I hadn’t before now.

Meet this 97-year-old grandma who, just like my gram, hasn’t met a piece of chocolate she didn’t like. Regardless of the look on her dog’s unimpressed face, this little lady can get down with the get down! Hell, she keeps dancing even when the music stops. You just can’t tame this dancing beast.

More important than her happy feet, just look at the sweetness in her face. I bet she gives great hugs. I tip my hat to you, some stranger’s cute grandma, way to keep it real for 97-years and counting.

You Drunk My Battleship! (or, how to get shipfaced)

I used to play Battleship as a child but it didn’t take me very long to decide it was actually very boring and easy to cheat – thus making it unenjoyable.

Whoever came up with the game Battleshots deserves an award for rebranding this game the good old Ronald Miller way: Going from totally geek to totally chic.

The Most Amazing Thing Just Came In The Mail

Thank you magic PR fairy for sending me the Jem and the Holograms – The Truly Outrageous Series.

As far as cartoon crushes go, The Misfits (all three of those bitches), were mine.
You can grab these DVDs October (Rocktober) 11th and share in my happiness!