This Three Year Old Is Sexy And He Knows It

I’d like to file a formal complaint with all of the parents of every child I’ve ever babysat (including my own parents because I had to babysit my siblings constantly). None of the children I took under my wing** had the talent of kids today. I mean, take a look at Marek – he’s three and can sing at least a third of the words to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”.

Don’t even get me started on the dance moves! At the :50 mark he was like, I am too hot to handle, I need to throw myself onto the ground! Destiny’s Child can’t handle this bootyliciousness.

**ate whatever junk food they had at their house

Clogging and Belly Dancing Together At Last

Sometimes something as simple as a YouTube search for a music video will bring you to an internet gem you couldn’t have possibly found if you were actually trying.

The title of this post speaks for itself so I won’t keep you away from the clogging and belly dancing. She really gets going at around the 2 minute mark.

And now for something a little more yule-tidy. Consider this my stocking stuffer to you.

Steppin’ It Up Never Looked So Good

Yes I did just find this and yes shit did just get real. It’s like, how do they do it? Are they making these moves up as they go along? Do they know they’re going to use their outfits in their dance moves ahead of time? Will they let me come dance with them even if I only have blue jeans? They’re so fancy!
“Steppin Club 7” Snipit 5 – YouTube.