Shearwater “Breaking The Yearlings”

I always forget how much I like Shearwater’s music. Thankfully, Sub Pop has brought it back to my attention and they’ve added “Breaking The Yearlings” to the beginning of their 2012 free download compilation. Stream below, download here.

Shearwater will be coming to Lincoln Hall with Sharon Van Etten (OMG!!!) for two dates in February. Here’s to hoping I can make both if not one of these nights.

M-I-C-K-E-Y Kid Sister Throws It Down

How on earth is Kid Sister not a household name yet? I swear Chicago’s rhyme spitting princess purposely makes jams for dancing in your office chair in ways that might make you get written up by HR.

Here’s her latest single, “Mickey” – which I will be adding to my running mix in 3…2…1…

Berlin Chicago Turns 28

Apparently I don’t even have to wait to get to Berlin to watch some inappropriate touching in public places – the kids sharing my heated L platform are getting my evening started.

I’m headed to the 28th birthday of one of Chicago’s best and creepiest after hours clubs. In my younger days, There wasn’t a Wednesday that went by that I wasn’t hanging out on the dance floor and trying to get enough liquid courage in my system to make it seem like I was confident enough to be there.

Fast forward to I have no clue how many hours later and I’m on my way home. I got a comment on my status update from my mom saying she had fun times at Berlin too. This means I was already four years old when said fun times happened. The good news is, I was not conceived there. The bad news is, I don’t know if I want to know.

Fast forward two minutes later, I just (in How I Met Your Mother terms) psychologisted two girls on my train home. Yep, just used that as a verb and I’m ok with it.

The moral of the story is, Berlin turned 28, and I have many memories there and to and from there. Some good, some bad and some great. Happy birthday to a club that reminds me to drink, laugh, live and shower.

Music Wrap-Up for Tuesday

This weekend was the first time I made it back to the Empty Bottle for a concert in what feels like ages. The last time I was there, I had gotten a little too friendly with a bottle of whiskey before what seemed to be a disappointing performance from Thao and Mirah (both of whom I normally love). Thankfully, for Sunday’s show I was able to walk a straight line and enjoy all of Wild Flag’s performance.

Before the show we went to Bite for dinner and man has that place changed! They classed it up a bit and the menu has stepped it up a notch. I’m sad I didn’t see their falafel on the menu but I ate the shit out of some amazing vegan stir fry.

When we finished dinner we went next door to the venue and were early enough to get aYellow Fever prime short-person spot on the top of the stairs. The openers, Yellow Fever, were great. I had seen the singer at Bite earlier and she was rocking some serious mom jeans with a pouffy blouse. At one point I guessed she was probably in a band but I definitely wasn’t expecting her to sound the way she did.

Wild Flag was rad as hell and the energy they shared on stage was infectious. Carrie Brownstein and Mary Timony faced off in their guitar stances while Janet and Rebecca kept the rhythm going dancing to themselves. That was definitely one of the best concertsWild Flag I’ve been to in a while and it got my psyched on venturing out during the winter months.

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Mr. Gnome – “Bit of Tongue

Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes

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