Summer MixTape Week 6: In Pursuit Of Magic

in pursuit of magic


Variety may be the spice of life but I’d like to throw it out there that I’m a big fan of consistency too. When I feel like I’ve finally got things figured out I realize I don’t know anything. So, I am grateful for the little things keeping shit real: Bourbon, Marshall, some great friends and of course, music.

Summer Mix Tape Week 3: Homo Is Where The Heart Is

Captain Marshall Jolie-Pitt

By the time this post goes up, I’ll be back home in Chicago visiting family for the first time since November. I’m not sure if I ever ended up saying this on here, but I definitely remember being on the phone with my stepmom at a time I was feeling overwhelmingly lonely, telling her how weird it was for me to really feel homesick for the first time in my life and missing some people more than you ever thought you would when you finally have the opportunity to.

So this homo is going sweet home-o and leaving you with this mix tape to (hopefully) enjoy this weekend.

Summer Mix Tape Week 2: Groovy Situation

Wow, I’ve already screwed up my mix tape posting schedule and it’s only week 2. Better late than never and better late and also with a cute picture of Marshall making a new guinea pig friend at the pet store yesterday.

Marshall Meets Guinea Pig

Sounds of Summer Mixtape: Week 1 What Love Is Made Of

Marshall Jolie Pitt by the seaport

The weather is shitty and Marshall refused to poop this morning but it’s Friday and I’m rolling out a new Friday feature up on this blog because I need to make some time for what I love most: music.

Every week I’m going to post a mixtape of my favorite (mostly) new jams. Here is your Sounds of Summer Mixtape Week 1: What Love Is Made Of

Short Music Roundup: Hot Chip, Gigamesh Reworks Ladyhawke and More

Shmu (Zorch) goes solo and shares his new video which may go down as one of the most hipster of all hipster things I’ve ever seen. I’m talking pink onesie pajamas as an outfit, old, loud-colored sweaters whose leftover thrift store odors are so easily imaginable they are practically wafting through my computer screen, a fun house…I could go on. The song is a jam though!

Download “House of Stares

Ladyhawke has been teasing us with bits and pieces of her upcoming album for what seems like forever now! This Gigamesh remix of “Sunday Drive” is bonkers! Makes me even more excited to hear whatever is next.

Also check out a new tune from Hot Chip (if you haven’t heard it already)

Baunz “The Same Thing” really appeals to the life-long Chicagoan in me. Sometimes there’s nothing better than House music.

Download the title track off of The High Strung’s freshly released album “?Posible o’ Imposible?