Choose Your Own Book Title Ending


The other day on my bus ride home from work, my eyes spied a book peeking up from another rider’s bag. I tried to take a better picture but I didn’t want to be too obvious about being a creeper and taking pictures of strangers’ belongings.

I had to take the picture though, because I am really curious to know what the rest of the title is:

A Gay Man's GuideI know what it’s not: A Gay Man’s Guide to Being Discreet

When you think about it though, the possibilities are endless and glorious.

A Gay Man’s Guide to:

Grocery Shopping

Choosing the Right Glitter



Watching Football

Insults That Sting

Picking Up Fag Hags (or Choosing The Right Fag Hag)

Capri Pants

Shopping at Old Navy

See? Isn’t that fun? I could do this all day. What do you hope the title ending is?