Berlin Chicago Turns 28

Apparently I don’t even have to wait to get to Berlin to watch some inappropriate touching in public places – the kids sharing my heated L platform are getting my evening started.

I’m headed to the 28th birthday of one of Chicago’s best and creepiest after hours clubs. In my younger days, There wasn’t a Wednesday that went by that I wasn’t hanging out on the dance floor and trying to get enough liquid courage in my system to make it seem like I was confident enough to be there.

Fast forward to I have no clue how many hours later and I’m on my way home. I got a comment on my status update from my mom saying she had fun times at Berlin too. This means I was already four years old when said fun times happened. The good news is, I was not conceived there. The bad news is, I don’t know if I want to know.

Fast forward two minutes later, I just (in How I Met Your Mother terms) psychologisted two girls on my train home. Yep, just used that as a verb and I’m ok with it.

The moral of the story is, Berlin turned 28, and I have many memories there and to and from there. Some good, some bad and some great. Happy birthday to a club that reminds me to drink, laugh, live and shower.