Hump Day Mix Tape ft. Dummy Mag Mix 111, Midnight Magic & More Ass Shakers

My heart is still recovering from not being at South by Southwest. In all seriousness I think I sounded like an air-horn that replaced the annoying honking sound with the even more annoying Snookie, “Waaaah”.

Instead of crying about it (any more), I distracted myself by finding music to share with you.

Let’s start out with this tasty Holy Ghost remix of Midnight Magic’s track “Drop Me A Line

Dummy Mag’s Mix from Brenmar is a delight and holy shit – it even has Dru Hill‘s “How Deep Is Your Love” which was my dance floor grinding jam back in college.

Rye Rye will be releasing a proper album soon and a set of remixes for the single “Boom Boom” has made its way to the net. So far, this is my favorite of the batch:

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A Cause Des Garcons

My friend Scott introduced me to the amazing aural experience that is Yelle. Seriously everything I’ve heard just makes me want to shake my ass and get cray. Her music video for “A Cause Des Garcons” is hot not just because it is one hell of a jam, but because the dancing is DOPE!

This is the kind of dancing where you question if it’s good or not and say, “I could totally do that, it looks like my son/daughter/Aly McBeal baby/special needs friend/niece flailing around,” but then in the privacy of your bedroom you lock the door, look in the mirror and test out your moves and then realize these people actually have skill.