Hump Day Mix Tape ft. Dummy Mag Mix 111, Midnight Magic & More Ass Shakers

My heart is still recovering from not being at South by Southwest. In all seriousness I think I sounded like an air-horn that replaced the annoying honking sound with the even more annoying Snookie, “Waaaah”.

Instead of crying about it (any more), I distracted myself by finding music to share with you.

Let’s start out with this tasty Holy Ghost remix of Midnight Magic’s track “Drop Me A Line

Dummy Mag’s Mix from Brenmar is a delight and holy shit – it even has Dru Hill‘s “How Deep Is Your Love” which was my dance floor grinding jam back in college.

Rye Rye will be releasing a proper album soon and a set of remixes for the single “Boom Boom” has made its way to the net. So far, this is my favorite of the batch:

Amanda Mair’s cute poppy “Sense”

Big Baby Gandhi f. Fat Tony are keeping things fresh with “Lurkin”. Even my eyebrows were dancing while listening to this.

Howse is a band that recently signed to Tri-Angle Records. This is their first single “VBS”.

Ay dios sexy time up in here with this Patinoire Mix from the Yelle DJs GrandMarnier & Julien Tiné!

Mazel mazel good things on this hump day – now go enjoy the weather here in Chicago with these ready-to-go tunes.

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