Everyone Loves a Dancing Hippie

So, I have this theory – there are two kinds of people in this world: people who love hippies dancing (or are a dancing hippie themselves) and those who make fun of hippies dancing because secretly they wish they had the balls to do it themselves.

Hippies dance like they just don’t give a damn who the hell is watching. They flail their arms and legs like toddlers at a Gymboree class as soon as Raffi, Tom Chapin or Beyonce is put on the radio (toddlers love them some Beyonce). While YouTube is generally filled with nasty comments, racist remarks and people who seem to curse everyone else for being born – YouTube seems to love dancing hippies. In fact, most of the comments are slamming the people who uploaded the videos in the first place.

In honor of me starting to get over being sick for en entire week, I bring you a few videos of happy, dancing, most likely high on something (even if it’s life), hippies.

Do I spy some Thriller??

This guy adds a little ballet to the mix – very impressive.

At least whoever posted this admits that the girl is hot…the real story for me though, is the dude in the white tennis shoes and fanny pack.

To be fair, this looks kind of like copoeira, just a lot less interesting.

Git It Cockatoo!

You guys, it’s a cockatoo (cockatiel? I’m no bird expert) doing some better choreography than Nappy Tabs on So You Think You Can Dance (I’m just playing, Nappy Tabs are the isht). But seriously, this bird can jam and my favorite part is when it spreads its wings and brings it down low. Get fly (PUN!!!):

Dancing Robots Aren't So Special

Like a scene out of my pornographic nightmares, Japanese pop music has found its newest star and it’s a dancing robot. Of course it is.

If I were one of those backup dancers, I’d be PISSED that that techno freak with the gigantic hands was stealing my thunder. Also, big deal she can dance, I used to have one of those little robotic dogs that could do flips. FLIPS!! I might think about putting her poster up on my wall if she can learn how to deliver me a pizza while doing this routine.

I Could Watch Old People Dance Forever

I don’t care if you’re breaking it down at a big ass club or if you’re shakin’ yo thang at a T-Mobile booth at a convention – when the spirit moves you it’s gotta come hard. This elderly man not only breaks it down – but I’m fairly certain he could’ve been an extra from Step Up 3-D. I’m going to put my Shadkhen hat on and find that hot granny from Walmart to set this dude up with.

(Thanks Joey for the head’s up)

Take Your Momma Out

My goodness, for some reason I didn’t think the Scissor Sister’s song “Take Your Mama Out” would be so difficult to cover – but apparently it is. Also, there are a whole lotta dudes trying to flex their guitar muscles on this one, but they need a steady dose of

This dude totally had me prepared to sign him to Ellen’s new record label – look how cute his hat is!! And he plays guitar, what could go wrong? Oh man, the singing. It’s awful. I mean, the dude can rock a bit of a falsetto but that’s about it.

This guy employs the “cut off the top of the head” technique so I can’t tell how cute he is but he’s got a little accent that he sings with which is kind of adorbs for a grown-up bearded man. If it were summertime and the living was easy, I’d probably like this more – but sadly it’s not and my judgement hasn’t been clouded by 80 degree weather.