Take Your Momma Out

My goodness, for some reason I didn’t think the Scissor Sister’s song “Take Your Mama Out” would be so difficult to cover – but apparently it is. Also, there are a whole lotta dudes trying to flex their guitar muscles on this one, but they need a steady dose of

This dude totally had me prepared to sign him to Ellen’s new record label – look how cute his hat is!! And he plays guitar, what could go wrong? Oh man, the singing. It’s awful. I mean, the dude can rock a bit of a falsetto but that’s about it.

This guy employs the “cut off the top of the head” technique so I can’t tell how cute he is but he’s got a little accent that he sings with which is kind of adorbs for a grown-up bearded man. If it were summertime and the living was easy, I’d probably like this more – but sadly it’s not and my judgement hasn’t been clouded by 80 degree weather.