Melanie Fiona Gives B.I.G. “One More Chance”

In honor of what would have been The Notorious B.I.G.’s 41st birthday, Melanie Fiona put up an a cappella looped cover of “One More Chance”. Her voice is the hotness. Now I need to go back and put one of my favorite songs of 2012, “Wrong Side of a Love Song” on repeat.

Ellie Goulding Covers Active Child & I Still Just Can’t Keep Hanging On

Active Child’s “Hanging On” has been on constant repeat in my ears as of late – and with the chill of fall starting to settle in, I’m pretty sure its position at the top of my playlist won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. It seems as though Ellie Goulding is a fan as well and with the help of Tinie Tempah, the two put out an equally icy cover.

Ellie’s new album, Halcyon, is out today, which you can stream below on Spotify.

6 Year Old “Piano Man” Will Make You Smile

He’s 6 years old with some form of Autism and plays the piano better than I ever could.

All this time I’ve tried blaming my inability to play popular instruments on my small hands. I guess I need to stop using that excuse.