Melanie Fiona Gives B.I.G. “One More Chance”

In honor of what would have been The Notorious B.I.G.’s 41st birthday, Melanie Fiona put up an a cappella looped cover of “One More Chance”. Her voice is the hotness. Now I need to go back and put one of my favorite songs of 2012, “Wrong Side of a Love Song” on repeat.

Lana Del Rey “Goodbye Kiss” (Kasabian Cover)

Love her or do whatever you can in your power to throw some shade in her direction while fawning all over some awful pop shit (or even some awful indie noise band if you’re so high class) – you can’t deny the dreamy sound she gives to this cover of Kasabian’s “Goodbye Kiss”. Haters gon’ hate and I’ll just sit here putting the good stuff in my ears.

Original Version:

Wednesday Mix Tape: Never Let Go of The Machine

I just got back from Subway and won’t be able to shake this smell for at least the next five hours. To pass the time while I air out, how about joining me in listening to some of these extra special jams. We’ll start out with Wild Flag covering Fugazi!!

(via P4k)

Florence + The Machine “Never Let Me Go” (Clams Remix)

Son of a Nun Remix (Oh Land ft. Nelly)

The Naked and Famous – No Way (CoPilots Remix)

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