Beautiful Song But My Face Won’t Stay Dry for Ane Brun’s “Worship” Video

I’m still learning a lot about myself these days, but there are a few things I know very well: If a video has animals or old people hurting in any way, I will cry. I can’t step foot into a Humane Society because the last time I did, I could barely catch my breath from sobbing at the thought of not being able to save all of the dogs and cats. I cry when I think about The Giving Tree, too. Apparently I cry a lot.

So, the second I started up Ane Brun‘s “Worship” video and saw an old, sick man – I went into, ASPCA-commercial mode and popped open a new window so as to shield myself from whatever painful things this character was going through.

The song itself, featuring Jose Gonzalez, is really quite beautiful. I love the violins in the background combined with some of Brun’s lilting vocals.

Rode Hard and Put Away Rhye

I included the band Rhye in one of my columns last week but can’t seem to shake them or their first single, “Open”. Ever since Valentine’s Day – when I heard my morning news anchors talking about how a new study proves the validity of Broken Heart Syndrom as a medical condition – I’ve been having pains in my chest. The feeling isn’t constant, but it hasn’t disappeared.

The only time Ive been able to pin-point the exact moment of a broken-hearted reaction to something was right before bed a few days ago. I turned on a mix to listen to while trying to trick my brain into letting me fall asleep in less than three hours, but about three songs in, “Open” came on.

Rhye Open

The opening strings, followed by the horns, followed by the dipping bass and rounded out with Sade-esque vocals – it was too much. It felt like I had locked my heart in a room for a week with only a  TV-VCR combo, twelve bottles of wine and the only movies to choose from were Boys on the SideLegends of the Fall, My Girl and Beaches.

But I still can’t stop listening.

The video below is NSFW and so beautiful.