Beautiful Song But My Face Won’t Stay Dry for Ane Brun’s “Worship” Video

I’m still learning a lot about myself these days, but there are a few things I know very well: If a video has animals or old people hurting in any way, I will cry. I can’t step foot into a Humane Society because the last time I did, I could barely catch my breath from sobbing at the thought of not being able to save all of the dogs and cats. I cry when I think about The Giving Tree, too. Apparently I cry a lot.

So, the second I started up Ane Brun‘s “Worship” video and saw an old, sick man – I went into, ASPCA-commercial mode and popped open a new window so as to shield myself from whatever painful things this character was going through.

The song itself, featuring Jose Gonzalez, is really quite beautiful. I love the violins in the background combined with some of Brun’s lilting vocals.