Band Crush: Slander

How did it get to be mid-February and I’m just finding my first band crush of 2013? Whyyousoslow2013?

Major hat tip to Stereogum for introducing me to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets The Kills & Band of Skulls sounds of Slander. “Magnets” is the perfect song to score any late-night film scene where two slightly dirty but intensely hot characters decide they can’t keep it in their pants any longer and have sex in the dark corners of a bar and/or the bar’s bathroom. “Ghosts” is for the awkward morning/week/month montage of emotions that starts the morning after.Slander the Band


Couch to 5k Week 6 Day 2 V3 Podcast is All New And It’s Right Here

pissed kitteh

I’ve been really bad about recording these recently but let’s be honest, a lot of shit has gone down. I decided it was about that time to get my shit together though so here’s a new Couch to 5k Podcast for the week 6 day 2 interval. Today we’re going to be warming up for 5 minutes then headed into a ten minute run, three minute brisk walk and ending it with another ten minute run and five minutes of cooling down. Download the podcast on iTunes or right here (right click “save as”).

Here’s your playlist:

Aeroplane Vs. Flight Facilities – “I Crave Paris”

Kopps – “Bastard Baby”

Moonlight Matters – “Come For Me (Punks Jump Up Freestyle mix)”

Flight Facilities – Annie Mac mashup mix

Carly Rae Jepson Vs. Calvin Harris – “Feel So Maybe (Jump Smokers Bootleg)”

The Black Keys – “Gold On The Ceiling (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)”

Rihanna Vs. Dr. Dre -” The Next Rude Boy”

Hot Chip – “Let Me Be Him”