Couch to 5k Week 9 Version 4

14956576_10154117876740885_1587695343467403140_nHey Homeslices, I’m back with a new podcast to round out version 4 of this series! Since it’s 2017 and, well, EVERYTHING, I did things a little bit differently (like, very, very slightly different) at the beginning of this podcast. If you don’t like change, try it anyway. If you are completely resistant, you can fast forward to about the 2:40 mark to start our usual walking warm-up.

Chubby Jones Couch to 5k Podcast Week 9 Version 4 (right click “save as”)

Our soundtrack today includes the following:


Couch to 5k Running Podcast Week 6 Day 1 JAMS

I extended this podcast for all my friends and runners who aren’t necessarily following the program but who are still playing along at home. Today’s mix is forty minutes long so go nutty y’all.

For my 5k runners, you’ll be doing your 5 minute walking warm-up followed by 5 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking, 8 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking and five minutes of jogging followed by your regular cool-down. Download Wk6 Day 1 here (right click “save as”).

These are the songs helping us get through the run:

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know ft. Kimbra (StanV Touch)

The Jane Doze – Hang With Me Sweet Teenager


MEN – Make Him Pay

The Shoes – Time To Dance (Vilanoise Remix)

Maximum Balloon – Groove Me (Rory Phillips Remix)