New Tricky “Nothing’s Changed” Just How We Like It

I’m still loving Tricky’s last full release, “Mixed Race”, but he’s set to release a new round of music May 28th on his new label, False Idols – which also happens to be the name of his forthcoming album.

“Nothing’s Changed” offers a chilled vibe perfect for the lounge-loving crowd.

There are many reasons to love Tricky – one being that my Junior year of college, one of my bffs had to most fucked up dream about him in drag begging her to have a threesome with him and Tom Hanks. That’s not something you forget hearing about in detail. Another reason to love Tricky is his commitment to being himself and to his artistry.

Why the name False Idols? “Because there’s so much bollocks going on at the moment mate,” Tricky fires back. “People follow celebrities and read every little thing they do. It’s living vicariously through someone else. Get your own life. All this stuff is false idols. That’s what helps keep the status quo.” As to the label’s mission, Tricky puts it thusly: “I signed to Island because of the artists and some of the stuff they’ve done-Bob Marley, Tom Waits. Who could I sign to now? Am I going to sign to a label because they’ve got Lady Gaga? I don’t want to be part of that bollocks music industry. I’m trying to bring that Island kind of thing back. Obviously False Idols is never going to be an Island Records, but it’s my way of trying to keep that part of the music industry going.”

This commitment to the survival of artistry in new music seen Tricky collaborating with young musicians from Creep to Maya Jane Coles, popping up on Zebra Katz underground smash “Ima Read” with Gangster Boo and remixing “Crest” by Antlers. 

When I see Creep and Maya Jane Coles I’m all: FULL. STOP. I can’t wait to hear more and beyond that I know the remixes will be insane. Stay tuned kids.Image


New Jams For Your Playlist: Kimya Dawson, Body Language & More

This post is brought to you by one of my gayest gay baby pictures from 1987:

gay little league

Sub Swara’s remix of CREEP’s “You (ft. Nina Sky)” is hottt!

Carter Tanton (Tulsa/Lower Dens’ newest addition) sounds a bit Billy Corgan-ish in his single, “Horrorscope“, taken from his upcoming solo album, Freeclouds. For shits and giggles, here’s a second download, “Murderous Joy” – which I really like a lot.

Listen to the multi-genre-spanning new album from Body Language in its entirety over at NPR. It’s a little Vampire Weekend*, mostly Little Dragon – but all awesome (*I am not a Vampire Weekend fan, but stylistically, there are some similarities).

Kimya Dawson’s latest album drops tomorrow and the following single, “Driving Driving Driving” is a painfully fantastic look at parenthood and how terrifying the already-scary world becomes when you need to worry about the future after you’re gone.

(Direct Download)

Also hot, this video from New Look. Not only is it graphically cool but the song, “Nap On The Bow” is gorgeousness to chill to in any makeshift lounge setting:

New Look: Nap On the Bow on

A Radiohead Cover with A Bonus

The only way to make an already incredibly great cover better is to listen to it while watching people fall. I don’t care if you fall on your ass, on your face, on your head (ok, a little bit on your head, I’m not the heartless bitch you thought I was!) it’s gonna be funny to me.

When I played soccer in high school, my favorite part next to actually playing was watching the other girls take ungraceful faceplants after tripping over the ball.

In college, my friends and I would sit on the curb outside of our building and watch girls walk the “catwalk” in their super high heels and just wait to watch them topple over in slo-mo. Every day, multiple times a day we were treated to laughing our asses off.

And now, I bring you a fantastic choir cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” to be enjoyed while watching girls fall over hurdles.