Virgin Diaries Is The Real American Horror Story

It’s hard enough for me to understand two people falling in love and vowing to save sex for after marriage, but if that’s the way they were brought up or it’s the easiest way for them to repress their flaming gayness (which is really what I think they must be doing), fine. The ones who save KISSING each other for after marriage are in for a downward spiral of wedded hell and if you don’t believe me, just watch this preview for TLC’s The Virgin Diaries:

I mean, what happens when you say “I do” and then realize that the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with is a horrifically bad kisser? I had to squint while trying to get the youtube url to post in here because I couldn’t stand the thought of watching them maw on each other any longer. (Thanks to Eric “they look like two birds trying to eat bread together” for the tip. Also, eff you for the tip).

Shitty social media panels are, well, shitty

I am currently sitting in a social media panel about blogging and two out of the four panelists have no business actually being on there. I’m not saying I’m amazing, as my stats on here so far will show, but for the love – if you’re going to have a panel of bloggers, make sure they know what a “tag” is. Or, at the very least, make sure there is someone handing out more warm MGD throughout the panel.

Yours in chub,


So I Remixed A Video

It’s my first try at something like this and I’d like to go back and make some changes but really, this guy was practically begging someone to put a soundtrack to some of his sound bytes.

Best Eye Witness Remixed – YouTube.

Music by:
Thieves Like Us – Drugs in My Body (Designer Drugs Remix) by Designer Drugs Official

My night…

So far tonight I’ve seen a nicely dressed woman blow snot rockets while walking down the street with a friend, a group of guys outside a bar talking about how they need to get rid of a girl’s boyfriend, two rollerbladers with fannypacks and a man in his ice cream uniform, eating ice cream angrily.

A large woman in a skin-tight onesie waiting for the train. Some people talking about needing more beer and vodka and then also talking about the Preditor (from the movie) as though it were a real thing. That they were fighting. And had a chance to defeat.