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Intro to 2014 Mix

chubbyjones meets snowpoohcalypse

Somehow we’ve managed to make it to the last weeks of February so it’s about time my intro to 2014 mix made it to the blog. I’ve been busy searching for jobs, accepting a new job (I start next Monday!!!) and finding some sweet jams to bring some warmth to the icy snowy mess we’ve been dealing with this winter.

Another task on my to-do list for today will be to finish version 3 of my week 8 couch to 5k podcast for you all. I am signing up for the Brooklyn Color Run taking place July 5th, so if you’re in the area and want to run with me, let’s turn this mother out!

And now…some jams:

Clinical Trials “Devils”

In honor of Clinical Trials making their Chicago concert debut at Reggie’s on February 16th, I forced the ladies to let me sit in on one of their band practices as I caught their punk-pop rocking goodness on camera. Here’s a quick little edit I put together of one of my favorite songs, “Devils”.

If you’re in NYC this Thursday, Clinical Trials will be playing Hotel Chantelle and we’ll be celebrating Somer’s birthday so come say hi!

Ch Ch Ch Changes & Christmas Treats Mixtape

It’s been a weird, trying, exciting time as of late and I’ve been in dire need of making some changes. I started with my hair because, as any movie with a strong female lead making changes in her life will teach you, that’s where you should always start. Also, my stocking caps couldn’t hide the mullet growing out of my head and a haircut was necessary. So I’m back to being a brunette. It’s going to take a while to get used to again, but my scalp is already thanking me.

Next up: New ink. I had been wanting a new tattoo since moving here last September (ok, since the last tattoo I got, let’s be honest) but things got busy and searching for the right shop became an overwhelming task due to my pickiness. So, when a friend asked if I wanted to accompany her to get a Friday the 13th tattoo, I looked up the shop she was going to and decided it was finally time for me to get my first tat in NYC. I can’t believe it’s taken me over a year to make it happen, but it was well worth the wait.

1471919_10151817243350885_566021932_nI had been wanting a Where The Wild Things Are tattoo for a long time, but when Maurice Sendak passed in May, it moved to the top of my “tattoos wanted” list. Sendak’s books, WTWTA in particular, were such a core part of my childhood and their messages have remained with me as an adult. If you haven’t heard Terry Gross’s fantastic look (listen?) back at her interviews throughout the years with Sendak on Fresh Air, it is highly recommended listening. I sobbed my eyes out for at least half of it.

Big thanks to Megan at Magic Cobra for doing an incredible job on my arm.

Now, since I was there already and the Friday the 13th deal was $20 for some fresh ink, I figured I may as well get the unicorn (designed by Megan) just for fun. I haven’t gotten the Planet Unicorn theme song out of my head for two days now.
Max where the wild things are tattoo

Don’t worry, the changes I’m making aren’t just on the outside. The biggest steps I’m taking towards being my best self are on the inside and I’m determined to make 2014 the stepping stone to ultimate life radness.

And without further ado, here is your Christmas Treats mixtape:

Lissie Plays Webster Hall Monday Night

I’ve been wanting to see Lissie in concert ever since hearing her Daytrotter Session years ago, but outside forces have always put the kibosh on those plans. Monday night, I’ll finally get to see the Rock Island, Illinois native take the stage at Webster Hall.


As soon as her latest album, “Back to Forever” was released in October, it landed in my “Best of 2013” playlist (so I obviously recommend checking it out if you haven’t already). She’s got such a lush sound packed with energy and raw emotion while maintaining a beautiful raspiness. It’s easy to hear why she’s been compared to Stevie Nicks but I would also add Neko Case and maybe a little bit of the Wilson sisters from Heart.

If you’re going to the show on Monday night, try your best to bring a can of non-perishable goods and/or a $10 donation to the IMAGINE campaign to help fight hunger. This is from the press release:

Lissie has been selected to serve as Hard Rock’s IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER artist ambassador in the United States. Hard Rock International, together with Yoko Ono Lennon and WhyHunger, just launched the sixth annual IMAGINE campaign, a global effort to fight childhood hunger and poverty through the support of sustainable agriculture education and nutritional feeding programs.

Fans can support the IMAGINE program by bringing a value of $10 retail or $10 donation to the show. Hard Rock will “match” any/all food donations and fans who donate will get an Imagine backpack and bracelet.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks from her latest release:

And a favorite from her 2010 release, “Catching A Tiger”:

Hope to run into some of you Monday night!