Intro to 2014 Mix

chubbyjones meets snowpoohcalypse

Somehow we’ve managed to make it to the last weeks of February so it’s about time my intro to 2014 mix made it to the blog. I’ve been busy searching for jobs, accepting a new job (I start next Monday!!!) and finding some sweet jams to bring some warmth to the icy snowy mess we’ve been dealing with this winter.

Another task on my to-do list for today will be to finish version 3 of my week 8 couch to 5k podcast for you all. I am signing up for the Brooklyn Color Run taking place July 5th, so if you’re in the area and want to run with me, let’s turn this mother out!

And now…some jams:

Better Late Than Never Octo-Jams

How on earth did it get to be November already? Seriously kids, enjoy time moving slowly for as long as you can because once you start getting older that shit goes at lightning pace and suddenly you realize you have no idea what the hell you just did for the last thirty days to have passed the time. I do know that a lot of what I did ended up resembling this cat (photo cReddit):

cat with headphones derp

Yesterday I realized I hadn’t posted the playlist I put together throughout October and that is a damn shame. Apparently October was a month for celebrating electronic disco-funk (which I love and try to do as often as possible). Without further ado, here is your Octo-Disco playlist:

Summer MixTape Week 7: Wasting My Young Years

marshall playing chess

This hot weather is making it hard to get out of bed but somehow I’ve managed to check a bunch of things off of my to-do list this week. I finally made my way to the DMV to get a New York driver’s license, which for some reason they aren’t able to give you on the spot like they do in Illinois – so I have no idea what my picture looks like and the only photo ID in my possession is the passport from the time I was at my heaviest and I have a shaved head. If I get carded I need to get my sidewinder ready.

I also signed the lease for my new apartment in Brooklyn, which I will be sharing with a woman who is also short and works in TV and a tall 25-year-old, very sweet, Italian who is here working for an architecture firm. I’m nervous, excited and sweating.

Enjoy your weekend folks – here is your weekly mixtape:

This Song Just Got Me Pregnant: “Adorn” Miguel ft. Jessie Ware

mixtape loveShut the door, turn off the lights and put Miguel’s jam “Adorn” (featuring the woman who has been the soundtrack to my summer so far, Jessie Ware) on blast & repeat. It’s never too hot outside for sexual healing.

Listen Up: Katy B x Geeneus x Jessie Ware – “Aaliyah”

Katy B Jessie Ware and Iggy AzaleaKaty B & Jessie Ware are pretty much needed in my ears at all times lately. They’ve got seductive swag that flows so nicely on top of beats on beats on beats. Press play & repeat on this “Aaliyah” track and if you’re in the UK you can also download Katy B’s entire Danger EP (featuring Jessie as well as Iggy Azalea, Diplo, Geeneus, Jacques Greene, Zinc and Wiley)for free at her site. Unfortunately, us yankees will need to find other ways to enjoy the jams.