Friday Mix Tape: Random Greatness from The Mynabirds to WhoMadeWho

Apologies for not writing too much this week – I’ve started another freelance job to add to my others, I’m starting another project for anyone who reads/listens to anything of mine and will have more exciting, and incredibly random, news for you soon.

The theme for me this week has been: Random. So, the mix of music below should be considered rather random, but still great.

Shout Out Out OutNever The Same Way Twice

The Mynabirds – Let the Record Go

The MynabirdsNumbers Don’t Lie

The MaccabeesFeel To Follow (via ohmyrock)

Radiation CityEye of Yours (from their upcoming Cool Nightmare EP)

WhoMadeWhoInside World which I would describe as ear sex between Hercules + Love Affair, Pet Shop Boys & Wild Beasts

Old MonkSacred Birds

Slow CountryYes You Have

Redgrave is a band to get really excited about because they’re from Chicago and, from what I’m hearing so far, have that great hot & ugly sex-rock vibe

This song has my teenage angst written all over it. When I listen to it I feel like I’m Willow from Buffy watching an episode of Buffy.

Whispertown “Open the Other Eye” from her March 20th EP release Parralel

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