Friday Morning Mix Tape Jan 27, 2012

T.G.I.F.F. amiright? Even with my week flying by, I could not be happier to see the beautiful ageless face of Friday morning.

We’ve got some friends coming for a visit this weekend and momma’s ready to get her drink on. As if I needed help getting psyched for an excuse to stock up the liquor cabinet, I’m making a little mix tape to help these last working hours go by as quickly as possible.

Kitten in a Leotard

Join me for: Slumber Party Disco

(ft. Mac DeMarco “Rock & Roll Night Club”, Ghostpoet “Survive It”, “Champagne Toast (Mike Simonetti remix), Cuff the Duke “Cold Blooded Old Times” (Smog cover), Hot Chip “No Fit State”, The Hood Internet “Some Creeps (TLC x Holy Ghost x Michael McDonald), Young Liars “Echoists”, Casiokids “Det Haster!” (of Montreal remix)

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