Courtney Love Covers Gaga – So Does Rest of World

I’m one of those weird people that would watch and most likely enjoy almost anything Courtney Love does. Can she sing? I’m sure somewhere underneath the layers of tar on her lungs, absolutely. Can she spellcheck? HELL NO, but that’s part of her charm. Can she censor some of her thoughts? Only behind spelling mistakes. Can she cover Lady Gaga? Well, she can certainly try: UPDATE someone deleted the original video so you’ll just have to use your imagination to come up with what Court must sound like while covering Gaga.


Really though, when there are dudes like this doing GaGa covers, everyone else should probably just step aside and let greatness reign:

This Might Be The Worst Thing I Have Ever Seen Or Heard

This cannot be serious. First of all boys, put your shirts back on. If you’re not old enough to have chest hair, there is no reason to take your shirts off. Secondly, is that a fucking beret? Third, was this band formed after a single guitar lesson that was given behind a Walgreens next to a dumpster?

Guilty Pleasure Time: Picture

Don’t judge me, but Sheryl Crow and Kid Rocks song, “Picture” is one of my very guiltiest of pleasures. It’s not because the song is bad – hell no, the song is fucking awesome – it’s because I play the shit out of it and will sing it at the top of my lungs on repeat in the shower and in the car whenever I get a chance.

Apparently I am not alone in my love of this song though, even some of my favorite celebs seem to love it, just ask Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes) and Joanna Newsom. I can barely imagine either of these musicians knowing who Kid Rock is, much less covering one of his songs. But, here it is, in all its glory –

A very indie cover

It’s A Cover-Off!

“Sweet Child of Mine” is a favorite amongst drunken karaoke singers (and dancers, don’t forget the dancers because the song is really all about that sweet hip swerve move Axl does at the mic).
In this corner, we’ve got a cute tweener whose friend acts and sounds suspiciously like Miley Cyrus:

In this corner we’ve got a little dude who will most likely turn to a life of crime if you don’t pick him. Don’t fuck with the silver-plated cross!

And in some weird news, Axl Rose was the first dude with long hair that I ever found attractive…notsomuch anymore.

Alright, who did the better cover!