NYC Day 1: Mia Takes Manhattan

Well, I made it. After a lifetime of dreaming of moving to New York, I’m here. And I’m blonde. My scalp is a bit red and scarred by the experience – but I’m putting on my best Robyn face and saying Konichiwa bitches!

Konichiwa Bitches!

I definitely cried a bit while hugging my family and friends farewell for a while. After telling me that “Growing old isn’t for sissies,” my grandma went a step further and told me (in less words) that she isn’t as sensitive as I am and wouldn’t be crying while dropping me off at the airport.

My awesome grandma

Well, that’s me, a sensitive Sally. But, as sensitive as I am, I know I’m tough as hell and ready to get down to some serious business. Everyone thinks New Yorkers are so tough and mean – I’ve already gotten two compliments from old men about my hairdo while walking around the new hood. Sure, they aren’t exactly my target demo, but I’ll take it damn it.

My friend Michelle, who is one of my roommates, met me outside of our building and today we took a little walk around the neighborhood. Lower Manhattan is very cute, especially at night when there aren’t a ton of people walking around taking pictures or in business suits. We’re basically in the Financial District by Wall Street and Ground Zero. I took a little walk in the afternoon yesterday and came across a lovely fountain:

Fountain in the financial district

And some art? I mean, ART!Geriatric art?

There’s a Duane Reede across the street and a 24-hour CVS around the corner. As if my love of random school supplies, gum and whatever seasonal items are on clearance weren’t satiated enough, there are two discount stores selling the most random home goods you could imagine nearby. But wait for it – there’s also an Ikea I can go to by ferry and they’ll deliver everything to your place for $99 no matter how much you buy. Fukenbuyen everything, motherfuckers!

Our place is really nice and it’s bigger than I had expected – which is a great thing since I was worried about needing to literally sleep on top of or inside of my suitcase. My room is pretty darn small though and my closet is basically our coat closet by the entryway, but I’m alright with it. My lesbian instincts for crafting things has kicked in and I have plans for how I’ll deal with the lack of space. My other two roommates are really nice and I have a feeling the tall gay dude and I are going to be great friends – particularly when I need things from top shelves or if he drops something. Also, I hear he’s really chill and watches Jeopardy. We’re practically soulmates.

So far I’ve gotten in touch with a few friends and a handful of my publicity contacts to set up times to meet up. Next Friday I’ll be meeting up with one of my contacts for a drink and then headed to one of her artist’s concerts. I have no clue what kind of music this band plays besides it being a little emo…I’ll have to buy some black nail polish in advance. Tonight, I’m meeting up with one of my bffs from college, Melanie, and her fiancee, Alan, but not before heading to my favorite lesbian bar in New York, The Cubby Hole. It’s also the only lesbian or gay bar I’ve been to in New York and it’s around the corner from Melanie’s place.

So, so far so good and I’m excited to start this next (hopefully very long) chapter of my life. I feel like it’s probably only fitting since my first day here was actually my dad’s birthday. So, happy birthday dad, I hope that your dreams for me come true.

“Call Your Girlfriend” Cover with Unique Percussion

English: Robyn

Image via Wikipedia

Call your girlfriend and then call up the makers of Gladware because they are missing out on an awesome advertising campaign opportunity. The girls of Erato combine three-part harmonies and the percussion from hitting plastic things (I can’t really tell what they are but it looks like my pasta from last night might be in it) on a table. Love it!

Robyn Makes My Doves Cry

This cover is timely because it was just a little shy of a week ago that I was able to see Robyn in concert. She happens to be the most adorable human being to grace the face of the planet (yes she’s cuter than your baby) and her dance moves always make me squeal in delight just like every time I spy a pug butt from three blocks away. Don’t jude me, I just have a very keen appreciation of cute things.

The Swede took some time out of her busy schedule to do a cover of Prince’s timeless classic, “When Doves Cry”, and now I need to cancel everything I was supposed to do today just so that I can continue watching this video.