Watermelon Crawl

Ok first I was like, “Aw, isn’t it cute that this little country dude is doing his line dancing with his much taller younger sisters?  But then, shit got crazy when poltergeist entered the building and the sexy line dance turned into a demonic crawl on the floor that looked like something out of a Sarah Michelle Gellar horror flick (I love you Buffy!).

Like A Rhinestone Cowboy

Most people who know me would never guess that I have even heard of the Glen Campbell classic, “Rhinestone Cowboy”. It would’ve been very easy for me to miss this gem had it not been for a heavily intoxicated, small, older gay Asian man in sweatpants who chose this ballad as his karaoke song one fateful night.

He sang the song with so much passion and with such a heavy accent, I couldn’t stop thinking about even years after this event took place. So, I had to go to the YT to see if my little karaoke man had taped himself for the world to see. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve found him, but I did find this nice man instead:

There are some similarities between the two, particularly the way they pronounce “cowboyeeee” – which I LOVE.

Then there’s this guy, who has a great voice, but just looking at him I’d think he was about to break off into some Eminem or Jay-Z or worse, Backstreet Boys.

So, who is your favorite cowboy? I mean, besides this guy: