Cazwell & Peaches, How Did This Collabo Not Happen Before Now?

The last time I saw Peaches, she was performing in her mostly one-woman show, “Peaches Christ Superstar” and I left feeling a bit confused and let down. I’m not sure if I just hadn’t done enough research beforehand, but I was expecting the Peaches experience filled with giant dildos, neon lights, electronic beats and even bigger giant dildos. Suffice it to say, it was absolutely nothing like that and the guy who showed up wearing a dog costume and sat by himself in the row in front of us was probably more let down than I was.

The old Peaches seems to at least be back for a hot minute thanks to a collaboration with my favorite homoboy, Cazwell, on a track called, “Unzip Me”. The combination of rock riffs and electronic dance elements remind me of her track, “The Boys Wanna Be Her” (which got the hot ass Tommy Sunshine remix years ago).

A few things jumped out at me when I first watched this video, first of all, how fierce does Amanda Leopore look? Secondly, I’m kind of obsessed with the long white faux eyelash look.

I’ll be interviewing Peaches and Cazwell in the next few weeks so if you’ve got any questions you’d like me to throw in there, feel free to let me know!

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