Mom Stop Posting to YouTube!

For some reason I could only find videos of older people singing the Sonny and Cher classic, “I Got You Babe”. Come on children of today, step away from the Selena Gomez/Jonas Brothers/Lady Gaga and pick up some old school shit to warm your heart. R.I.P. Sonny Bono.

What we’ve got here are two opposite ends of the spectrum. First, a happy couple of friends who used to be in a wedding band together (?? I’m gathering this from the second helping of cover that they tack on to the end of their first cover). They seem to be so happy in each other’s company. Reunited and it feels so good.

Then there’s this lady who puts her own spin on the cover. She seems as though she could not be more bored out of her mind – either that or she’s thinking to herself, “I’m gonna show these kids how it’s really done! Back in my day we walked ten miles to school with no shoes on and three feet of snow on the ground.” I’m pretty sure she also says something about going to a Cher concert and not understanding why she went in the first place. That’s usually what I like to talk about when I’m about to do a cover song filled with passion.

If neither of those float your boat, you might be interested in this gem

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