America’s Next Top Model: Oral Fixation

It’s the second episode into the season and America’s Next Top Model All Stars are crankin’ up the heat! By heat – I mean the girls had to take pictures of themselves eating hot dogs while trying to represent their own brand. The challenge may as well have been called “Kama Sutra With A Side of Fries”.

I’m no prude but this girl is licking chili sauce off of her arm while the rest of her footlong is standing at attention. I’m a little disappointed in Tyra. I understand that these are her advertisers but it seemed like she was pimping out her contestants for the sake of her client but to the detriment of being able to take the show seriously. I call serious bullshit on someone who tells me they can sell “Classy” while eating a foot-long hot dog.

Are We The Only Perverted Biggest Loser Watchers?

I’ll save most of my comments about the newest season of The Biggest Loser for another time but I’ve got two questions for anyone who was watching last night’s premiere:

First of all, what the hell was up with the fight between the two ladies at the end of the show? One of them started off with, “Well I’m not saying I want to go home but I am saying that I have support and a gym membership. But I want to say Bonnie keeps crying and it’s annoying.” What? Did we miss something? What a bizarre way to go into an elimination.

Secondly, are we the only perverted people who heard the following sound byte, paused the show, rewound it, recorded it and then made an audio file?