New Sharon Van Etten “Serpents”

There are very few women I really want – or I should say hope are gay (of course excluding the ones who are already out). Sharon Van Etten is one of those ladies that I look at and say, “Pretty please – can we have this one?” And it’s not that I want to get tied up to the bedpost with her guitar strap or anything, it’s just that she’s so talented and…I’m going to shoot myself in the foot here…she just looks like she would make a great lesbian. Like, I bet she owns a giant mug devoted to drinking tea out of and a fern she was keeping an eye on for a friend but then it ended up staying at her place because she took great care of it.

Actually, now that I think about it – a friend of mine IMed me the other day with just this, “Hi! watch this. How can she not be gay!?” And of course my response was, “I LOVE HER”. But yeah, not gay – just loved by the lesbians.

Here is her new single, “Serpents” from her upcoming release, Tramps. She’ll be playing two shows at Lincoln Hall Feb. 16th & 17th – get your tickets now.

Sharon Van Etten “One Day” Still Great Every Day

Sharon Van Etten @ The Red Palace

Image by mikekatzif via Flickr

There are certain albums I get attached to very quickly and then as the week rolls on I am distracted by the bright shiny songs on another album. Once in a while, there are albums that, no matter what the weather is outside or what emotional state I’m in, I will always come back to celebrate.

Sharon Van Etten‘s 2010 release, “Epic”, is an album I hold close to my heart like a security blanket – or rather, an insecurity blanket when you take most of the lyrics into account.

“One Day” is my second favorite song from that album, its only competition being “Save Yourself”, which almost made me cry (I’m a big cry baby) when I watched her performance on NPR’s Tiny Desktop Concert. I literally watched the video on repeat for a good half day.

Enjoy (hopefully as much as I do):