The One with Interpretive Dance

There’s this dude, Ian, who apparently likes to videotape himself doing things while he’s bored (that’s what YouTube was created for wasn’t it?). During one of his boredom episodes, he decided to take a few songs and let his body become one with the music all for our viewing pleasure. He’s not terrible, in fact he’s pretty good – but I can’t help but be distracted by two things.

1 – His hair. He’s got a Bieber ‘do and a reverse Bieber ‘do going on all at once. Like instead of it flopping to one side, his part flops to the middle.

2 – He’s got a regular size torso but short legs. The only reason I’m even pointing this out is because I’ve got the same thing going on and now I’m wondering if this is how I look when I flail around on the dancefloor.