Butterfly Boucher And Missy Higgins: “None The Wiser”

A couple months ago, right when I moved to NYC, I was offered a ticket to see Butterfly Boucher and Missy Higgins play a venue in Brooklyn. It was my first time experiencing that borough and I managed to make it to the venue with only a few instances of getting lost along the way.

Butterfly opened the show for Missy but each played instruments and sang back-up harmonies on each others’ sets and pretty much made every lesbian within earshot catch a case of the vapors. Those two are ridiculously hot and I don’t think it’s fair for them to have Aussie accents on top of the good looks and charm.

This is their performance of one of my favorite songs, “None The Wiser”, from Butterfly’s incredible 2012 self-titled release.


None The Wiser

If you haven’t seen the adorable video they made of this song you should watch it mmmeow:

1 thought on “Butterfly Boucher And Missy Higgins: “None The Wiser”

  1. Having never heard Butterfly or Missy, this video was a great first experience. Yes, adorable. But also full of joy and fun. Makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.


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