When Great Music Falls Into Your Lap

As someone who writes about music in order to receive a paycheck that basically pays for a handle of whiskey and a cab ride home from whatever concert I have to go to, a lot of music falls into my lap. Like most things in life, there is a downside to go with every upside – a lot of what I get ranges from Good to OK to Meh to WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Thankfully, there are still times when I’m sent music and the second I press play I remember why I fell in love with – not just music – but the time-sucking, soul-draining, sleep-deprivation that goes with the search for great music.

These are a few of the songs I’ve been a bit obsessed with as of late. One is an old song from a Blues artist whose legend (or I guess maybe it’s his assumed legend?) was the focus of a great podcast I listened to recently and highly recommend. The others are, of course, newer. Feel free to share some of your latest obsessions in the comments too!

This is a new artist who I think is going to be huge. She’s in talks with labels now so remember the name Miriam Bryant.Miriam Bryant

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