Ride That Pony

I came across a pretty great post over at Urlesque that had a bunch of videos of people dancing to Ginuwine’s “Pony” and decided it’s a must-share.

This is the best (read: the dude can actually dance)

The others are all the worst (read: semi-disturbing…but go ahead and ride that pony).

Why Is It Always The Moms & Babies Supermanning Hoes?

Like seriously, almost every Souja Boy dance video on YouTube (that is worth watching) involves an older mother, grandmother, great-grandmother or toddler practicing “Superman dat ho”. While it is highly inappropriate, it is also drivin’ it home in a LOLdsmobile.

One-Legged Dance Dance Revolution

I have two legs and haven’t even gotten past the first easy level of Dance Dance Revolution. In fact, I have broken a sweat simply standing there and bobbing my head as I watched the multi-colored arrows fly upwards on my TV screen. This dude has one leg, is on crutches and nails all of the moves like a champion with six legs.