A Terrible Realization

There are a few things ruining my TV watching experience right now and it is really bumming me out.

Firstly, Bones is pissing me off in general – with Emily Deschanel being the exception. She has stayed in character like woah. Her Mr. Charmington bit this week was pretty hilarious.

So the thing is, I know I’m not getting smarter. In fact, I’ve had little to eat and a fairly good amount of drinks tonight, so I know there are more than a few brain cells swimming in a pool of whiskey right now. In any case, this points to the fact that television is getting more and more dumb. I didn’t explain it well which proves my first point.

Tonight we watched Psych, which I love, Law and Order:SVU, which I’m so-so about, and now Bones, which I’ve loved until this season. I have predicted the course of these shows within the first ten minutes each time. This means the shows are being written more predictably and to boot,Bones is getting more ridiculous and has been starting out way more grossly than usual. I can’t watch it while eating anymore.

That’s just the beginning of my meltdown. The second part of my meltdown comes from commercials like the one I just saw for the video game Just Dance 3 that made fun of “older people” dancing to C+C Music Factory’s “Everybody Dance Now”. While I may be slow, I do understand that one plus one equals me being old. I’M NOT READY FOR THIS REALITY!!

So there you have it.
P.s. Bones and Booth have no chemistry now that she’s knocked up.

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