2 thoughts on “Chubby Jones Couch to 5k Podcast V1 Archive

  1. I don’t know if you still look on here, but this is my 5th or 6th go at the couch to 5k program. You make it tolerable. I thank you. My first time using your program, I was able to run The entirety of my first 5k ever. Now, I am looking for more of weight management, and the program is still my best go to. Thank you for making running not suck.


    • Billie, thank you so much!! I’m totally in the same boat as you and just restarted the program for the…oh, I honestly couldn’t even tell you how many times – it’s kind of my security blanket for every time I rejoin weight watchers 🤣 Thanks for bringing me with you on your runs, and thanks for the warm fuzzies! – mia


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