About Mia

I’m just your average short, pop-culture & music-obsessed, slightly chubby hipster who used to be a chubbier hipster.

I live in Chicago just moved to New York in order to develop a (hopefully meaningful) career. I also make podcasts for people who hate running but who choose to participate anyway, enjoy dive bars and like to do almost nothing more than make mix tapes for others. And yes, I did say “mix tapes”.

Actual Facts:

  • I have an unreasonable fear of flying. If you see me reading over the emergency card in the seat back pocket, it’s not because I haven’t flown before, it’s because I feel as though I must read it every time I fly.
  • The first purchase I ever made on eBay was on a $45 VHS copy of Teen Witch. It was also my last purchase.
  • My first word as a baby was “hockey”. While I don’t play hockey now, I do feel as though it prepared my family for what was in store for them later on in my life.
  • I am obsessed with flat-faced animals.
  • I still have my Garbage Pail Kids card collection

Welcome to my world.

39 thoughts on “About Mia

  1. I love your 5K podcasts and you helped me and my co-worker (who just had a baby) move from the couch to our first 5K. Thank you so much! But now we want to do a 10K, do you have podcasts for that race too? if so, where might I find them?


  2. I love your selection of music plus your motivation, I just started but I hope to keep up with your podcasts and make you proud. Also, thank you for making them and keep it up! I am also from Chicago and I didn’t know you were until I looked you up and I should have known as soon as one of your song selections was from Moneypenny, it should have clicked… I knew your were someone special and awesome I could relate to!

  3. Hi Mia! I just wanted to give you a shout for A- the fact that your child-hood book choices are beyond fantastic…Everybody Poops, Goodnight Moon, Love you Forever….YES!

    B- In the Chicago music scene it’s been a pleasure meeting other talented artists and getting to support each other back and forth. Sami G has been one girl who right away when we met-we knew our music was very different. As two peas in an LGBTQ pod called Chicago-sent our love to each other.

    I want to thank you for giving love to music, women, and Chicago.

  4. Oh em gee. Someone reco’d your Couch to 5k podcasts, so I came here. I am coming off some antidepressants and I need an outlet or else I might break necks. Figured running might be it. I’ve read your about–haven’t got to the podcasts yet. GIVE ME TIME. GEESH.

    Anyway, I think I’m going to love it and you. I always wanted to be the most popular girl. And I just tried to infuse a garbage pail kid pun into a line of my copy not two months ago. Onward and upward.

    • Tela, I have a feeling you’ll kick the shit out of these podcasts (which is much better than breaking faces). Let me know if you have any questions or need any extra encouragement and GOOD LUCK with getting of the anti-d’s!

  5. Bonjour, Mia! Just to let you know that your podcasts have reached France. I hate running, but as I found it to be such a great initiative, I’ve decided to give it a try. Will keep you updated. ;) Thank you! xxx

  6. I require more podcasts, please. Ones geared to an hour of runnIng or so. I love being told that I am one hot bitch, it really keeps me going. <3

  7. Hi Mia, Your podcasts have made it to the UK too :)
    I started off very VERY chubby. I have now lost 28lbs and part of that is because of WW and part is because of finding your podcasts. I still have a long way to go but just wanted to let you know the podcasts are fantastic and are really helping me on my journey. You know just when to cut in with a word of encouragement , normally just as I may be about to give up and walk but you have made me determined not to give up. I have managed to complete every session so far :)

    Thank you so much for your encouragement and keep up the good work xx

    • Shelly, I love everything about this. Congrats on the weight loss – that is so great! I hope you are proud of yourself because you’ve earned every pound gone. Keep up the great work and if you ever need any extra encouragement, you know where to find me. xo

      • Hey Mia Just thought I would let you know I am still keeping at it. I am doing each week for 2-3 weeks. About to move up to week 4 !! I do curse you sometimes…can you hear me all the way from the UK ? :)

        By the way have now lost 38lbs, hoping to get to 42lb by end of July and then next goal will be 50lb.

        Thanks for all the encouragement on the podcasts its brill.

        Shelly xx

      • Shelly you’re doing everything right! Go at your own pace – the main thing is that you just do it! People are too hard on themselves when it comes to “following the plan” – but “the” plan wasn’t crafted to think about everybody or even most people. I’m SO proud of you, keep it up and keep me posted on how you’re doing!! xoxo

  8. Hey Mia, just done day one of week one listening to your amazing podcast! although it didn’t feel great at the time I couldn’t of got through it without you, thank you! xoxox

    • Congrats on finishing day one! I know it will suck the first few times (honesty = best policy) but you just need to get through them and most of all (this is what is going to get you through this for real real) don’t go too fast and follow the program at your own pace. Nothing will get someone to quit faster than having them overexert themselves from the start. Now I don’t care if it feels like you are jogging so slowly that you are running backwards – just don’t quit. You can and WILL do this! xoxo

  9. Hi Mia,

    I just have to let you know how unbelievably helpful your podcasts are. I’ve tried other apps and podcasts, but there’s something they’ve been lacking – you! You’re words of encouragement, sense of humor, and amazing choice of music have helped me prepare for a 7 mile race, which takes place in two weeks.

    Thank you!

    • That is SO exciting! I’m so happy the podcasts have been helping you and SO pumped on your 7 mile race! Let me know how it goes – I have no doubt you’re gonna kick its ass. So proud of you xoxo

  10. Hi Mia
    Just wanted to say, I have beginning listening to your running podcast for 2 years
    and love them, and listen to them over and over. Love the music and chatter.
    With your help I have lost over 30kg and run 3 to 4 times a week. I run on my own and I would n`t have been able to do it with out you.
    You are great at what you do and wish you all the best!
    Lisa from Perth Western Australia

  11. Moved here from UK for 2 years whilst husband works. Felt very lonely until I discovered your podcasts. Was very nervous about running on my own but your words of encouragement and your motivation has inspired me to get out and run. Which I have never ever done. Your music chooses are so good for running, as the beats are timed so well. At 52, I’m feeling pretty good each day, which I credit to you. Thank you.

    • I can’t tell you how great it makes me feel to know that my podcasts helped you feel a little less lonely. The fact that you’re out there running on your own, you’re enjoying the music and aren’t sick of my voice yet is the cherry on top of the sundae for me.

      Don’t credit me for any of your successes – it’s all you! I’m just around to provide a soundtrack and hopefully make things a little less boring/scary or lonely. But YOU, were the one who made it all happen and you’ve been kicking ass, taking names and taking on a new country LIKE A BOSS! You better be proud of yourself. xo – mia

  12. hi
    i am vaidehi from india. with in 3week i hv becone a big fan of urs . just thanks is not enough for ur help. i got to know ur 5k run through one of weightloss blog. and u know i completed 3 week.i am happy and just want to tell big thanks from bottom of my heart.

    • That’s great Vaidehi! You are so welcome, I’m happy you’re enjoying the podcasts. Thank you so much for your note and keep kicking butt! xo -mia

  13. I starting running last September after (no joke) intending to start Couch to 5K for at least 7 years. I am now training for a half-marathon and now really enjoy running (most days). Your podcast was the catalyst to my change and made me laugh, especially during the really rough days. No other podcast comes close to how motivating yours are. I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. (And for also making me feel like I have a cool friend in the city who also loves mashups.)

    • Christie – that is amazing to hear, thank you so much for your note (and for being a badass running machine!!!). I’ll be putting out a new podcast soon and there are a few mashups on there that I think (hope) you’ll enjoy big time. Let me know how the half-marathon goes and keep on keeping on! xoxo – mia

  14. Hi, Mia greetings from Ireland ;). I have to say I love your accent, your podcasts are an amazing help and I just completed week1 day1 for the first time after trying many times before! I have a looong way to go from here but you are an inspiration for me! Thanks for everything!

    • Hello Jay in Ireland! I’m glad you like my accent (you may want to curse me out in a few weeks but it’ll be worth it!). CONGRATS on finishing day 1! You’ve already gotten past the hardest step and that is getting out there and just doing it. You’re going to be great, just don’t give up – you CAN and WILL do this! Go at your own pace and if you need to repeat a week, that is TOTALLY ok and totally normal. If you need any extra help or motivation, feel free to drop me a note! xo – mia

  15. Hey Mia! I just found you and your podcasts. I am in Week 9 of the Couch to 5K app but I just now discovered you and your podcasts. I am bummed! I loved running today to you. You are smart, sassy, and I love the 5 minute checkins. It was what I was missing from the app. Thanks! These are awesome! I will keep using them as I get my speed up. I’ve got to learn how to cover more distance in the 30 minutes. I am still pokey. But, thanks for making it more fun! I love it!

    • Hey Michelle! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the podcasts! If you’re looking to increase your speed, I definitely recommend going back and working on the intervals. I actually tested it out a while back and ran further doing the intervals than I did running for 30 minutes straight. The intervals help train you to be comfortable at faster paces (and to make things even better, it’s actually a better calorie/fat burner). Keep up the great work and keep me posted on your training! xo – mia

      • Thanks! That’s a great suggestion. I have been so focused on pushing forward to the 30-minute run that I might be slowing down to do it. Great advice! I really want to be able to run a 5K and now I can barely manage 2 miles in 30 minutes.

      • You’re doing it right! That’s the best way to ease yourself into everything while you find your comfortable pace, build endurance and work on your form. The big accomplishment is to keep going. Once you accomplish that and understand that you’ve got it in you and are totally capable of running for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes without stopping – then it’s time to work on increasing your speed :) You’re doing a kickass job!

  16. I am running a half marathon later this year and am SO glad that I found your podcast! The mixes have really been motivating me to get myself on the treadmill so I can start and kick the 13+ miles in August. Thanks for putting them together.

    • That’s amazing Kelly, congrats! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the podcasts, hopefully I can get some new ones up there for you soon! Keep kicking ass! xo

  17. Hi Mia,
    I’m Cici from Rouge Didis. We r a punk band from NYC and looking for ppl to write about us. Would you be interested? We found you via Twitter and do like your blog a lot.

    We are preparing for our EP but before that we want to be exposed as much as we can. Blog is a perfect platform for us, we want to invite bloggers to our live shows, get free drinks and write about us.

    Please let us know and we can discuss further.

    You can check us out on rougedidis.com

    Thank you,

    Cici from Rouge Didis

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